night of the living dead

Free Horror Films Showing of Night of the Living Dead

The Patio Theater, 6008 W. Irving Park Road, will open all afternoon and evening Tuesday to celebrate Halloween with an escape room and free horror films, all leading up to an 8 p.m. screening of the 1968 zombie classic “Night of the Living Dead,” organizers announced.   The theater will begin showing “Halloween-themed cartoons, music videos and short features” starting at 4 p.m., and will remain open until 11 p.m.


Going fast! Reservations are still available for Sunday! Don’t miss the last few days of the special one of a kind Halloween attraction, ESCAPE THE LIVING DEAD, an all-new escape room experience that includes haunted attraction elements that will be sure to keep you on edge. During a zombie apocalypse, you find yourself in a quarantine zombie safe zone facility that has been abandoned and realize you’ve been locked inside. You have 45 minutes to escape the facility before you are exposed to a lethal gas used to destroy any zombies that force their way into the facility or before any zombies captured in the facility break out and attack you. You have 3 areas to explore with many audio-visual effects and challenges that reveal shocking details about how the virus responsible for the zombie outbreak was created.
Reserve your tickets now at and use promo code VIRUS for 10% off your order!


night of the living dead


Escape The Living Dead will also be open Halloween from 6pm – 11pm presented in a special 10-minute extreme format during our Halloween Zombie Invasion along with a free screening of Night Of The Living Dead

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