Get Your Free Candy Bar

Mar. 6 is National Oreo Day—and, as is tradition on these sorts of food-based holidays, that means you can pick up some freebies. This year, though, the brand is curiously not giving away milk and cookies.  Instead, it’s promoting its new Oreo chocolate candy bar. Simply head to this page and fill out a form and, assuming you’re one of the first million to sign up, you’ll receive a coupon for a free bar later this month.

Registration will be open between March 6 and March 12.

The candy bars are made with Milka brand chocolate and contain Oreo cookie pieces mixed with vanilla or mint cream.    To claim a treat, you’ll have to register online to get a free coupon in the mail. To register, click here.  Registration will be open between March 6 and March 12.

free oreo candy bar 2

The genesis of National Oreo Day, if you’re curious, dates back to 1912, when the first Oreo was produced at a Chelsea Market bakery in Manhattan. Since that time, more than 500 billion Oreos have been sold—with an average 95 million more selling every day in over 100 countries. You might be thinking, “But it’s National Oreo Day — shouldn’t they be handing out Oreos?!” A totally fair question, though at this point, does the classic cookie really need any more press? Is there a person on the planet who hasn’t tried one? These candy bars — milk chocolate sandwiching vanilla creme and Oreo cookie bits — are one of the newest additions to the Oreo lineup (behind Oreo Thins Bites), so it makes sense the company would be pushing them above all else.

free oreo candy bar

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