free streaming of picard

CBS Offers a Free Month of All Access so you can Binge-Watch ‘Picard’

FREE — CBS ALL ACCESS  Why not watch Star Trek: Picard or The Good Fight — you can check out CBS All Access for free until April 23rd in the US. Jean-Luc Picard himself (okay, Partick Stewart) revealed ViacomCBS would make it so ahead of his show’s season finale dropping later this week.

You’ll need to use the code “GIFT” when you’re signing up to take advantage of the offer. It’ll work for both the limited commercials and ad-free plans on the service.

Streaming services regularly offer free trials for their platforms — the CBS All Access one is often for seven days instead of a month. Millions of people are suddenly stuck at home and looking for something to do, so burning through a series or two should keep you occupied.

With tens of thousands more TV episodes and up to 1,000 movies heading to CBS All Access later this year, ViacomCBS will be hoping people will stick around for those by becoming paid subscribers after the free month is over. There’s already plenty of Star Trek material on tap for Trekkers, though.


free streaming of picard

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