FREE Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele Lessons Online

Fender is offering FREE guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons to the first 500,000 people to sign up for Fender Play. Fender is stepping up to help guitarists get through isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. The guitar giant is offering three months of online guitar lessons to 100,000 players. Getting through coronavirus self-quarantine will certainly take its mental toll on those selfless enough to stay inside. Flattening the curve while keeping older and immunocompromised individuals safe from infection is the top goal of the public right now, and Fender is hoping to brighten their homestay.  According to Fender, so many musicians signed up for free lessons that their website started experiencing technical difficulties. The guitar manufacturers also cleared up that users will not have to provide credit card information to sign up for lessons. Get more details here.

It’s a free trial, but you don’t have to handle over any payment details to get access, so you won’t run the risk of getting charged if you forget about it. Once you sign up, you’ll need to tell the site which instrument you’d like to learn. As you learn, the site will track your progress. The recommendation is to practice 3 days a week at least 7 minutes, but let’s be honest, we can all probably do a little better than that right now. Lessons are broken out in chronological order, so it’s easy to know what exactly you should be doing. Each lesson has a video associated with it, and most of the videos are just a few minutes long, so you can use them to break up your day as short breaks, or watch a bunch back-to-back to get a full-on lesson.

If you’re already learning, you can also pick up lessons wherever you are on that journey. For instance, if you already know some chords you can jump right into something a little more advanced. If you stick through it through the 90-day trial then you might just be ready to finally start that band once you’re done.

Edited to include specific details for those with ad-blockers: Fender notes you may need to temporarily disable your adblockers to see the code. If you do and still don’t see it, try Incognito or Private browsing mode. When you go to Fender’s site, a popup will offer three months of free lessons. Click “Claim Offer” and then “Get Code” on the next page. When you press “Get Code” a special unique code will appear at the top of the page that you’ll need to enter when you’re creating your account.


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