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DEAL: Regent University Offers Early College Courses to High School Students

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Regent University is offering early college courses for high school students at a discounted rate.

Regent announced it will offer the college courses to student ages 16 and up for $75 per credit hour.

“Regent University’s Early College is a fantastic way for high schoolers to get a head start on college,” said Heidi Cece, associate vice president for Enrollment Management. “By offering these classes for only $75 per credit hour, we’re committed to helping high schoolers earn college credits that are high-quality and affordable.”

Early college courses are taught online and on campus in areas of study including business, biology, communication, earth science, economics, English, French, geography, history, leadership, math, psychology, Spanish, and more.

Students who wish to apply for classes should apply by June 15 for classes beginning June 22.


free classes  regent-university-beautiful-college-south

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