burger king mini shakes for one dollar

Burger King: $1 Mini Shakes to Cool You Off

In the heat of summer, Burger King has quietly launched a great nationwide cheap offer for you to cool off.   The burger chain has announced mini versions of its classic milkshakes in some participating restaurants in parts of the U.S. following reports on YouTube and social media.

The 9 ounce shakes cost just $1 each.

A regular-sized chocolate shake at Burger King is 761 calories. The 9-ounce version is 370 calories, according to the YouTuber.

The dessert drink comes in the same three flavors as the larger sizes: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, according to Delish. It’s only available for a limited time, according to Burger King’s banner on Twitter.
If you’re looking for other deals at Burger King, remember that you can sign up for free on the BK app to get a free Whopper!

Have you tried the new mini shakes yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


burger king mini shakes for one dollar

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