Starbucks Is Giving out Free Drink Coupons Today

Before the pandemic, our favorite coffee-roaster Starbucks offered promotions where you could grab buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) coffees on a Thursday afternoon. To protect employees (and everyone, really) during this COVID crisis, >those popular promotions were put on hold.

However, it is BACK!  On March 4, any Starbucks Rewards member can pop into the Starbucks app to get a free drink on a future visit. Order ahead and get any handcrafted drink size grande or larger through the app on Thursday, and you’ll be rewarded with an in-app coupon for a free drink that you can grab anytime from March 10-12.

That freebie can be any handcrafted drink, which opens up a whole lot of options. The label sounds a bit like marketing speak, but “handcrafted drinks” is almost anything that’s not a hot coffee or tea, Starbucks Reserve drink, or a ready-to-drink beverage like a bottled Frappuccino. That also means you can’t order one of those items to get the coupon in the first place.

That freebie coupon will automatically be loaded into your account on March 10. So, don’t panic if you don’t see it right away. Like spring, it’ll come, eventually.


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