Crazy Morning in Chicago: Man Points Gun At Chicago LIVE TV News Crew

A Chicago news team were faced with shocking incident on Wednesday morning, when a passer-by was filmed appearing to wave a firearm at the crew during a live news report. Fox 32 Chicago was broadcasting live Wednesday shortly before 7 am at the intersection of West Clark Street and North Hubbard Street in River North when a man walked into view behind reporter Joanie Lum with what looked like a small handgun pointed at the camera, just inches from Lum’s head. Lum was reporting a segment for Good Day Chicago on the rise of gun violence in the city, which had risen by 66% from 2019 to 2021, at the time. The man kept walking and then skipping down the street, still holding the presumed gun and eventually out of view. Chicago police are searching for a man who appeared to point a gun at a local TV news crew during a live shot on gun violence in the city.

Neither Lum nor her photographer were hurt. Reporter Natalie Bomke said of the incident: “Around 7am, at the corner of Clark and Hubbard, while our reporter was in the middle of live report about gun violence in Chicago, a man walked up and pointed what appeared to be a firearm at our crew.

Chicago police are calling the man a “person of interest” and have asked anyone with information to contact the department. Tensions nationwide have been high following several recent mass shooting, most recently Tuesday’s shooting at Robb Elementary School Ularde, TX, which killed 19 children and two adults.

Here’s a YouTube clip of Fox 32’s news report of the incident.

On Wednesday alone, nine individuals were shot in Chicago, with one being fatally shot, Fox 32 reported. Wednesday’s numbers follow a bloody weekend in the Windy City where at least 28 people were shot, with one fatality, as Breitbart News noted. Twenty-one of the shootings occurred between Friday and Sunday morning. During the previous weekend, 33 people were shot, including five who were killed.

From January 1 through May 22, 219 people were murdered in Chicago, outpacing pre-pandemic figures by an alarming clip, the Chicago Police Department’s crime statistics show. The number is a 26 percent increase in murders compared to the same period in 2019, and 13 percent higher than the same period in 2018. The 219 murders are also up 14 percent when juxtaposed with 2020’s numbers, though is it slightly down from last year’s pace, which saw 240 people murdered by May 22.

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