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We are glad to have you sign up for our daily email that is chock full of great free events and more in Chicago! Free Things to Do in Chicago is dedicated to providing all the latest free and low-cost things to do in downtown and Chicago. Free Chicago provides information on free family events, free museums, free events, free attractions, free concerts, free kid’s events, free comedy, free festivals, free music, free stuff, free drinks, free food, and more. We want people (and families especially) to be able to have fun without money in Chicago.

Steve and Sue Lavey started this endeavor to show others that it is possible to find lots of free and low-cost things to do in the city. Having traveled the world extensively, we have found that some of the best educational and enriching activities in the world’s great cities have been free. Please follow Free Things to Do in Chicago on Facebook because that is where we post most of our daily finds and follow us on Twitter as we are constantly adding things to our Twitter page all day long.


We want locals and visitors both to have the best possible information about free things to do in the city, the best city in the world! It also serves as a local community were you can share your experiences about Free Chicago and help others maximize their time spent here. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!!  Also, If you liked this post, why don’t you join the 20,000+ readers who have signed-up to receive free events and freebies below or in an RSS reader or join us on Twitter or on Pinterest……because then you’ll never miss another free event!



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